Smith Tailor Ink studio treats the disinfection issue quite responsibly. The needles, cartridges and other consumables are all sterile, individually packed and recycled after they are used. All holders are being washed and cleaned, soaked in disinfectant solution, packed in individual sterile packages and are being sterilized in a special machine. Our tattoo artists work in medical gloves and masks. They also handle all the working surfaces and disinfect the room using a bactericidal lamp before and after each session.


Our talented tattoo artists work in a variety of styles; they paint original sketches and are always ready to help with picking up the right version of your future tattoo. Each Smith & Tailor Ink client gets an individual tattoo to emphasize his or her personality.


Tattooing is a kind of painting process. A special pigment penetrates the upper layer skin cells and stays there permanently. If you want your tattoo to retain its authentic look it should be done with special kinds of paints and needles, within all the conditions of cleanliness. The person that makes your tattoo has to be a true artist with a great experience and knowledge in this area. We respect this culture and its history and treat it seriously in Smith & Tailor Ink.